Popular Links Jones Trolling Motor Services: Who we are? 870 773-3474 We, John and Karen Jones, became an authorized service center (ASC) and dealer for Minn Kota Trolling motors and opened Jones Trolling Motor Services in Texarkana, AR, in September of 2003, following almost 10 years of owning/ managing and operating a Starter / Alternator repair / rebuild shop. We became a dealer and authorized service center for MotorGuide Trolling Motors in May of 2006, and moved to our present location at 3501 Washington St. in Texarkana, AR, the following July. We also opened a second business, Discount Starter and Alternator, specializing in the rebuilding of DC electric motors, including starters, alternators, generators, winch motors, and trim motors. Included in the starter motors are small engines (mowers, ATV's, marine outboard and marine I/O), automotive, industrial, and agriculture. Dealer for: Clicking on the above Logos will take you to there website,  call Jones Trolling Motor, 870 773-3474 for order information LIKE us on Facebook We stock many of the items mentioned above. We custom make battery cables and wiring harnesses, as well as selling battery maintenance supplies. We also sell and install DC electric appliances such as bilge pumps, battery chargers, isolators, and depthfinders/GPS units. I am active on Bassboat Central (http://www.bbcboards.net/zeromain), a website devoted to discuss, educate, and develop relationships with other fishermen throughout the world. As a moderator of the Electrical/Wiring/Trolling Motor forum (http://www.bbcboards.net/zeroforum?id=15) I try to help and diagnose problems as well as answer questions about the electrical system on boats.  I am available by just be a phone call away, cause sometimes it is easier to talk than type.  As a fisherman, John realizes the need to have equipment working properly and in having repair work done promptly. This is why he strives to give a 3-day turn around time on all service / repair / warranty work