POWER POLE /shallow water anchor Click picture for larger image Power-Pole Sig Series Black 8'     Weight : 29.00 LB SILENT. Noises scare fish, which is why every Power-Pole brand anchor is designed to be extremely stealthy –deploying with virtually no sound. There will be plenty of time for noise later – when you're hooked up to that trophy fish. SECURE. Whether it's on an open flat, working a brush pile or drifting a stream, positioning your boat is vital to your success. With just the push of a button, Power-Pole brand anchors stop your boat and keep you securely anchored on any kind of bottom. Extreme Performance Hydraulic technology delivers superior anchoring.   Features:     Tournament proven reliability     Fastest stopping time in all conditions     Silent hydraulic operation     Holds securely even in rough waves     Extremely lightweight     Deploys down and out of the way     Built-in drive-off protection     Flexible design     Made in the USA Several designs and types of brackets are available.      For assistance in choosing the correct bracket                              CLICK HERE   Call for pricing JJONES TROLLING MOTOR SERVICES 870 773-3474 New Signature Series Blade Edition Talk about the cutting edge – the new Blade Edition is clearly the most advanced Power-Pole ever. The Blade is thinner, lighter and more aerodynamic with its new pocket design that holds the Everflex™ spike locked in position when the unit is not deployed. Powered by a new brushless motor and high-flow pump system, The Blade is even faster and quieter. It also comes with new wireless dash switch and remote control that allow choice of fast, medium and slow speed settings, and wireless control means The Blade installs in less than an hour on most boats. The Signature Series Blade Edition in not only sleek and sharp, it’s smart, too. The Blade features the new C-Monster Control System technology providing a user experience unlike anything else. Put it all together and this anchor cuts through the water amazingly fast to lock the boat into position, without a sound. The Signature Series Blade Edition standard features at a glance:     Includes wireless remote control     Installs in about an hour on most boats     New aerodynamic pocket design locks and holds Everflex™ spike in upright position     5-layer American Marine powder coated finish     All stainless & brass hardware (free of electrolysis)     All new heavy-duty bronze bearings for smooth and quiet performance     5-Year Warranty on all hardware / 2-Year Warranty on all electrical and hydraulics / Lifetime Warranty on Everflex spike About Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors It's time to discover the confidence that comes with owning a Power-Pole®, the first and only name in shallow water anchoring. Sport fishing is all about capitalizing on opportunities and making the most of your time on the water. With the unmatched versatility of Power-Pole, you have a shallow water anchor that deploys silently, holds strong and gives you the best shot at putting more fish in the boat – all at the touch of a button. SWIFT. You'll only get one shot at that big, smart fish. So when that opportunity presents itself, make sure it counts with the unbelievably fast deployment of Power-Pole, engineered to stop your boat within a few seconds.